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Bienvenidos a la pagina web de socios de Delia Rosenboom

Welcome to my Emmi-dent website...and welcome to a whole new chapter of experiencing healthier, whiter, shinier, teeth and healthy gums.
I have been personally amazed at the remarkable effects that using an Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush has had in a short space of time on my overall dental health and oral hygiene, as well as on my general health, and am now excited about introducing you to these unique and inspirational products. In my opinion these are the number one products to use if you would like to have optimal oral health! They are invaluable if you have dental implants, braces, sensitive teeth or gums, receding or inflamed gums, mouth ulcers, difficult-to-reach areas between teeth or discoloured enamel that you would like to have cleaner. And so I encourage you to take the plunge and try these rewarding and unique products. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.
There is also lots of helpful and interesting information that you may like to look at under the 'Products' tab of this website, under the heading: 'Dental Cleaning with Ultrasound': 'How it Works'
NB. If at any point you find that the text here appears in German, just click on the UK flag in the top RH corner of the page!
You may also like to read about my personal journey with using an ultrasonic toothbrush, by clicking on:

If wishing to place an order you are welcome to simply click on the 'Shop' tab and proceed as normal. If however you would like to receive a 10% discount on products that you buy now or in the future, please go to the tab called: 'Become a Preferred Customer' and register yourself with Emmi-club. You will then be sent an email with an ID number and a link to create a password. If you then log in and proceed to the 'Shop' tab, you will receive a 10% discount once you have ordered items to the value of 280 euros (excl. VAT) or more. This discount will then automatically apply to all further orders. If you would like to learn more about this, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to have the possibility of gaining an income by distributing these products, you can register yourself as a 'Premium Partner' and then receive a 20% discount. If you are interested to become a distributer, then please contact me to find out more about what is involved.

If you would like to know more about the current best deals to suit your needs, or need any help with ordering, again, please give me a ring or email.

Here's to the exciting journey towards improved oral health!

A la tienda

El fenómeno del ultrasonido

Limpieza dental mediante el ultrasonido original al 100% de Emmi-dent

Los cepillos de dientes eléctricos o ultrasónicos gozan cada vez de más estima y prometen higiene dental y limpieza dental profesional. Con sus sistemas únicos y patentados de cuidados dentales, Emmi-dent ha creado un estilo totalmente nuevo de limpieza e higiene dental. Esta tendencia se denomina ”Higiene dental óptima con ultrasonido original al 100%”. Con suavidad, sin movimiento, sin cepillar y sin desgaste. Esta limpieza dental con ultrasonido original al 100% se basa en una patente mundial: el Piezo-chip de ultrasonido de Emmi-dent. El Piezo-Chip se encuentra en el cabezal de la aplicación ultrasonórica y genera 96 millones de impulsos ultrasonóricos (vibraciones del aire) por minuto. El ultrasonido es derivado por medio de las cerdas del cepillo a la crema dentífrica desarrollada especialmente por Emmi-dent. De esta manera se producen microburbujas que implosionan por las vibraciones del aire. Mediente estas implosiones se eliminan de manera segura impurezas, restos de comida, sarro y bacterias. Aproveche la oportunidad única que le ofrece Emmi-dent para la limpieza dental diaria. Limpie sus dientes de manera profesional, cuide sus encías con suavidad y prevenga la creación de sarro, caries, inflamaciones y otros problemas dentales. La limpieza dental tiene un nuevo nombre – Emmi-dent!